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Below is a list of accommodations at or in the vicinity of the conference venue. It is advisable to make a reservation as soon as you register, as room bookings are subject to availability.

The information provided below is for your convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by CTER or BNU of the services of any particular hotel, inn, or apartment. Once you decide on accommodations, it is recommended that you take a photo or printed copy of the hotel’s name in English/Mandarin, as you will be able to use this information to inform taxi drivers and others of its location.

1.Jingshi Hotel京师大厦(550m)★★★★★

  • 010-58802288

  • http://www.ciae.bnu.edu.cn/english/index.html

  • #19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100875 (Situated at the southeast of Beijing Normal University, close to Xinjiekouwai Street in the east and Xueyuan South Road in the south)


2.Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen北京德胜门华宇假日酒店(1.2km)★★★★




Tel.: +86-10-82065555*Reservation Department (8:30 AM – 19:00 PM)


Group Code: U12 (Please provide the group code by reservation.)



1.Credit Card with  or  is available. 

2.If your arrival at the hotel will be after 18:00 PM on your reservation date, a credit card pre-authorization will be needed. Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen reserves the right of interpretation of these regulations.


3.Beijing BeiyouKeji Hotel北京北邮科技酒店|北邮科技大厦(950m)★★★★


4.Beijing Haowei Mansion Hotel 北京豪威大厦(1.1km)★★★★


5.Tianfang Hotel北京天方饭店(1.1km)★★★★


6.Liaoning Hotel –Beijing北京辽宁饭店(1.3km)★★★


7.Jinhui International Business Conference Hotel北京金辉国际商务会议大酒店(1.5km)★★★★


8.Free Comfort Holiday Hotel (Beijing South Xueyuan Road) 康福瑞假日酒店(北京学院南路店)(1.7km)★★★★


9.Peony Hotel北京牡丹宾馆(1.7km)★★★

  • 010-51663288

  • www.huilv.com

  • 31 East Huayuan Road (Huayuan Dong Lu)


10.Desheng Hotel北京德胜饭店(1.7km)★★★

  • 010-51663288

  • hotel.uytwr.com

  • 14 Middle Beisanhuan Road (BeisanhuanZhong Lu)


11.Garden Hotel 北京海淀花园饭店(1.8km)★★★


12.Yuanchenxin International Hotel北京元辰鑫国际酒店(1.9km)★★★★


13.Zhongyou Hotel北京中油宾馆(1.9km)★★★

  • 010-62094291、010-62045522 –5515516

  • www.bjzyhotel.cn

  • Courtyard 1, Liupukang Second Lane


14.DatangKeyuan Hotel (Beijing DatangCarera Investment Co.) 北京大唐实创投资中心大唐科苑宾馆(2km)★★★


15.Royal King Residence Hotel –Beijing  北京融金中财大酒店(2.1km)★★★★


16.Vision Hotel北京唯实酒店(唯实国际文化交流中心)(2.1km)★★★★


17.Long Ge Hotel北京隆格酒店(2.2km)★★★


18.Beijing Gehua New Century Hotel 北京歌华开元大酒店(2.4km)★★★★★


19.Beijing Grand Hotel 北京圆山大酒店(2.4km)★★★


20.Park Plaza Beijing Science Park北京丽亭华苑酒店(2.4km)★★★★


21.Jingyi Hotel北京京仪大酒店(2.6km)★★★★


22.Beijing Jiayuan Hotel北京嘉苑饭店(2.7km)★★★


23.Xiamen Commerce Hotel  北京厦门大厦(2.7km)★★★★


24.Exhibition Centre Hotel北京展览馆宾馆(2.8km)★★★


25.Bamboo Garden Hotel –Beijing北京竹园宾馆(2.8km)★★★


26.Beijing Debao Hotel 北京德宝饭店(2.9km)★★★


27.Beijing Fujian Hotel 北京福建大厦(2.9km)★★★★


28.Oriental Bay International Hotel (Hanhua International Hotel Beijing) 北京汉华国际饭店(3.1km)★★★★★


29.Zhejiang Tower  浙江大厦(3.1km)★★★★

  • 010-5166 8255

  • 26, District 3, Anzhenxili, North Third Ring Road Middle, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029


30.Beijing Foreign Experts Building 北京外国专家大厦(3.1km)★★★★

  • 010-82858888

  • http://www.feb-hotel.com

  • 8 Huayanbeili, North Fourth Ring Middle Road (BeisihuanZhong Lu HuayanBeili), Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029


31.Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuyuan北京民族园智选假日酒店(3.1km)★★★★


32.Economical Chain Inns near BNU:

(1)  Super 8(速8)

  • Beijing Tai Ping Zhuang Branch(北京北太平庄店)(800m)

  • Beijing Xi Zhi Men East Jiao Da Road Branch(北京西直门交大东路店)(1.2km)

  • Beijing Xi Zhi Men Wen Hui Branch (北京西直门文慧店)(1.9km)


(2)  7 Days Inn (7天)

  • Beijing Normal University Branch(北京师范大学店)(850m)

  • Beijing Mu Dan Yuan Branch(北京牡丹园店)(1.3km)

  • Beijing Ma Dian Qiao Nan Branch(北京马甸桥南店)(1.5km)

  • Beijing Ji Men Qiao Branch(北京蓟门桥店)(1.6km)

  • Beijing Ma Dian QiaoBei Branch(北京马甸桥北店)(1.8km)

  • Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Branch(北京中关村店)(1.9km)

  • Beijing Gu Lou QiaoBei Branch(北京鼓楼桥北店)(1.9km)


(3)  Home Inn(如家)

  • Beijing Bei Tai Ping Zhuang Branch(北京北太平庄店)(550m)

  • Beijing JiShui Tan Qiao Branch(北京积水潭桥店)(900m)

  • Beijing Xiao Xi Tian Branch(北京小西天店)(1.2km)

  • Beijing De Wai Branch(北京德外店)(1.4km)

  • Beijing Mu Dan Yuan Branch(北京牡丹园店)(1.7km)

  • Beijing Ma Dian Qiao Seven Provinces Beijing Office Branch(北京马甸桥七省驻京办店)(1.8km)

  • Beijing Jiao Tong Da Xue Dong Men Branch(北京交通大学东门店)(1.9km)


Websites for Hotels, Inns, Flights, Trains, etc.


Note: We only provide the information. For further information, participants are kindly requested to directly contact the hotel of their choice and make reservations.

  • Hosted By:
    Beijing Normal University
  • Organized By:
    Center for Teacher Education Research, Beijing Normal University (Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science in University, Ministry of Education, China)








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