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Conference Background

Last Updated:2021/3/4 12:04:37

The Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University (BNU) is proud to announce that the Fourth Global Teacher Education Summit will be held in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, during 22-25 October, 2021. The 2020 Summit is entitled “Policy, Research and Practice in Teacher Education and Teaching: Global perspectives”. 

With this announcement, we invite scholars, practitioners and students of education from all over the world to participate in the Summit, which promises to offer a feast of ideas and dialogues for the enhancement of teacher education and teaching in a global context. A dozen of key scholars in the fields of teacher education and teaching have been contacted to serve as keynote speakers of the Summit. 

The Fourth Global Teacher Education Summit is an international event that has been held every three years. Since 2011, when it was first convened by BNU’s Center for Teacher Education Research, a Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science of the Ministry of Education, the Summit has produced scores of publications that were contributed by participating keynote and invited speakers and created a network of young scholars who have constituted the backbone of a new generation of inquiring minds for the fields. 

Much has happened to the fields of teacher education and teaching since 2011, and the themes of the ensuing Summits at BNU have reflected some of the major changes. Urged on by the results of major assessment exercises conducted by the OECD, UNESCO, and other international agencies, educational policies of individual countries have reflected a global concern over educational quality, as expressed by the widespread pursuit of excellence and competitiveness. A recent turn of official and professional attention toward quality improvement has been increasingly focused on innovation, sustainability, evidence-based practice and gap-closing measures in terms of teacher quality, efficacy of teacher education, and the ability of teachers to meet the special educational needs of students. 

The 2020 Summit aims to provide an international forum where ideas for teacher education and teaching can be exchanged and dialogues attempting to connect scholarly thinking and professional actions can be opened. The subthemes of the Summit are listed in the paragraphs below as a reference for participants. 

  • Hosted By:
    Beijing Normal University
  • Organized By:
    Center for Teacher Education Research, Beijing Normal University (Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science in University, Ministry of Education, China)








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